Jalan Silang Merdeka Tenggara umbul-umbul

Jakarta Skyline (Resize)Jakarta’s nickname among expats is the Big Durian, and like its fruit namesake it’s a shock at first sight (and smell): a sweltering, steaming, heaving mass of some 10 million people packed into a vast urban sprawl. The contrast between the obscene wealth of Indonesia’s elite and the appalling poverty of the urban poor is incredible, with tinted-window BMWs turning left at the supermall with its Gucci shop, into muddy lanes full of begging street urchins and corrugated iron shacks. The city’s traffic is in perpetual gridlock, and its polluted air is matched only by the smells of burning garbage and open sewers, and safety is a concern especially at night. There are few sights to speak of and most visitors transit through Jakarta as quickly as possible.

Jakarta Skyline Part 2Keep in mind that rules and regulations are very rarely enforced in all aspects of life in Jakarta. This is not to abet you to break the rules, but simply to explain why many of its citizens act so haphazardly, particularly on the road.

All that said, while initially a bit overwhelming, if you can withstand the pollution and can afford to indulge in her charms, you can discover what is also one of Asia’s most exciting, most lively cities. There is plenty to do in Jakarta, from cosmopolitan shopping at the many luxurious shopping centres to one of the hippest nightlife scenes in Southeast Asia.

Asia out

asiaoutsqlogoSome of the information on this website has been supplied by the kind people at Asia Out. AsiaOut is an LGBT community website. Their goal is to provide information about the vibrant gay communities in  Southeast Asia. They try to provide a service to the Asian and expat LGBT community, as well as to the tourists that are visiting here! In that their aims are similar to ours and we are delighted to be able to work with them. Please visit their website too, as it contains things we don’t cover. www.asiaout.com Thanks guys for your help.

Atlantis Gym and Sauna

atlantisA new place to come out and play, for men and men only. Located in one of the most developed areas in Jakarta with easy access, make it a perfect place to meet new people. Feeling stressful or bored, ATLANTIS is the one stop relaxation spot you need. A fully equipped gym is waiting for you to work your body out. After that, resting your muscles at the sauna and steam room would be best. Or you can just chill your mind at the whirl pool while chit-chatting with several new buddies. All provided in a well designed interior venue to get you as relaxed as possible

They have a nice website at http://www.atlantis-jakarta.com/

Turkish Bath – Kemang Utara, Jakarta

The Turkish bath, also known as hamam or hammam, is one of the ancient world’s most widely exported customs. The tradition of the Turkish bath was born generations ago, adopted from Romans and Byzantines and then perfected by the Seljuk and Ottoman Turks and has continued even until today.

We offer the long-established hamam experience in a nice hamam room ambiance as a modern hamam  allowing our guests the best of both worlds; old-world tradition in a modern setting. To help you relax after your daily , adventures in , our professional masseurs offer a variety of services in addition to the hamam ritual , Our 4 cozy hamam room in small nice place at Jl. Asembaris Raya No.148 Kebon Baru Tebet South part of Jakarta, Phone (021) 97416776 | Mobile 08176494007.


They have a website with all their details here – http://www.theturkishbath.net/index.html